My Tutorials

Hi all 
Here is the tutorial I promised 
You Might want to grab a coffee this is long
I decided to make a calendar card you could use all year long 

Items  needed are 
click to enlarge and print A4 size
A 15cm By 15cm card blank
1 piece of designer paper 14.5 cm by 14.5cm
1 piece of designer paper 14.7cm by 4.7 cm
1 piece of cardstock  21cm by 11cm
2 pieces of cardstock 16.5cm by 12cm
12 pieces of cardstock 3.7cm
12 pieces of  designer paper 3.4cm by 3.4cm
numbers (die cut or stickers)

First downoad and print the template 

Cut the pieces from cardstock
 take the 12 piece of card stock and attach the 12 pieces of designer paper

 So they look like this
 Now attach these to the cubes bases
 Add the numbers as shown 

Before anyone emails me I know there is no 6 
you use the 9 upside down otherwise you couldn't make all the date numbers

 Apply glue to the flaps
 and fold the flaps in
 repeat all the way round
when you have done both they should look like this 
now put these to one side to dry

 Take the card blank and attach the designer paper

 Attach the designer paper on the central part of the base 

 place the paper template over it and cut the cube appertures with a craft knife
 Attach sticky strip as shown
 stick the flaps inside
 on both sides
now fold the long sides flat and fold the short sides over 

turn this over and check your cubes fit in 
as different thinkness of card stock create slightly bigger cubes
if they dont  fit slightly alter the apertures

apply glue to the base of the cube holder and attach to the bottom of your card blank
 now insert the cubes and decorate however you want

here is my finished card

hope you have enjoyed this tutorial